Transportaion Management Organization

About us

The Burbank Transportation Management Organization (“BTMO”) is a private-sector nonprofit organization formed to formally bring together employers, developers, building owners and other stakeholders to collectively establish policies, programs and services which address local transportation and air quality issues and concerns.

The BTMO is an organization formed to help reduce congestion during peak hours and solve transportation problems by providing services directly to its members and their employees. It also integrates private sector involvement into public sector transportation planning and project implementation. The BTMO gains collective strength from multiple businesses banding together to address and accomplish more than what any one entity could do alone.

Reasons for forming the BTMO
  • Mitigate existing traffic congestion
  • Mitigate increased traffic from new development
  • Improve Air Quality
  • Provide centralized services to improve the efforts of individual employer programs
  • Support new investment in transportation infrastructure and services

Private Sector

The Role of Private Sector
in Transportation Management

The need for the BTMO stems from a realization that the business community has a great influence on transportation demand management solutions. Employers have a significant influence on how their employees commute to and from work. While the public sector may have a great influence on transportation infrastructure, shared private sector efforts are often extremely efficient and effective in influencing the use of that infrastructure.

Board of Directors

Michael Cusumano

Board Chairman
Managing Director
Cusumano Real Estate Group

Leo Divinsky

Asset Manager
Worthe Real Estate Group

Patrick Prescott

Board Member
Community Development Director
City of Burbank

Jim O'Neil

Board Member
Executive Vice President
Crowne Realty & Development
Burbank Town Center

Michael Walbrecht

Vice President, Public Affairs
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Adam Gilbert

Board Member
Director, Corporate Real Estate
The Walt Disney Company

Denise M. Van Stratten

Interim Executive Director
Burbank TMO