2021 ETC Awards

With 2021 in the books, it’s time to recognize the tremendous efforts of Burbank’s ETCs who obtained high average vehicle ridership (AVR) scores and supported safe and sustainable travel in our City. AVR is a metric used to measure the number of people commuting to or from a site versus the number of cars.

We especially want to thank all the ETCs who submitted their 2021 Burbank Trip Reduction Survey Reports. Their timely submittal helps the BTMO present the cumulative results to the City, enabling decision-makers to better understand how employees commute to and from work and helping to guide future transportation plans and programs in Burbank.

Due to the pandemic’s effects on commuter behavior, the criteria for receiving an ETC award were adjusted slightly from previous years. This year, we have awarded prizes to the ETCs with the highest overall AVR scores at worksites that are not entirely teleworking.

Teleworking is a great tool in the congestion reduction toolbox. It benefits employees’ quality of life, and it saves employers money as well as reduces the need for parking capacity. Businesses that telework are certainly doing their part to reduce vehicle trips, congestion, and emissions; however, we at the BTMO wanted to ensure the recognition of ETCs and employers who increased their AVR scores despite not necessarily having the ability to convert all worksite trips to telework.

Despite the challenges faced throughout the year, ETCs citywide stepped up to promote alternative transportation options that benefit our commuters, our companies, and our community. These awards are intended to highlight and reward the efforts made by those ETCs.

Now, onto the prizes…


Congratulations to our 1st Prize Winner, Avalon Blinn, from Horvitz and Levy! A back-to-back first place finisher, Avalon achieved the highest score this year with an AVR of 18.15!

Our 2nd Prize Winner is the team from Worthe Real Estate Group’s Media Studios North. Noelle Andonian, Hisako Uyeda, and Tim Vaughan achieved a tremendous 4.92 AVR this year!

Our 3rd Prize Winner is the ETC team from Disney. Grant Dawdy and Cassi Basile just barely missed out on second place, with an AVR score of 4.64.


The following are our member companies and their ETCs who conducted and submitted surveys this year. Keep up the great work!


2G Digital Post – Deborah Rogers

Acument Global Technologies – Rosa Hernandez

Aramark Uniform Services – Azhalea Lemus and George Castro

Burger King – Maria Miranda

Carmax – Bentley Parker-Brown

City of Burbank – Nick Burant

Community Chevrolet – Michelle Maylad

Cusumano Real Estate Group – Helga Torosyan

Entertainment Partners – Dee Perry

Haskel International – Doris Northrop

LA Grinding – Janet Petroff

Macy’s – C Michael Woodlee

Nickelodeon – Linda P. Lyles

Sega of America – Jessica Frausto

S&H Machine – Yvonne Ha

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios – Katelyn Hempstead

Technicolor Sound (Picture Shop/Formosa Group) – Shannon Simonds


Media District

Disney – Cassi Basile and Grant Dawdy

Fotokem – Beatrice Alfonso

Horvitz & Levy LLP – Avalon Blinn

New York Film Academy – Brad Alan Benhain

Overton Moore (Avion Burbank) – Melissa Drobis

Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center – Lourdes Bazavilvazo

Therapeutic Associates Inc. – Julianne Courtenay

Whole Foods Market – Denise Van Stratten

Worthe – The Burbank Studios – Nicole Thurstan

Worthe – Media Studios North – Noelle Andonian

Worthe – Pinnacle I & II – Kari Dyroy

Worthe – The Pointe – Jessica Tahata and Cristina Spratt

Worthe – The Tower – Angela Daigle


Questions about this year’s survey or still need to submit your forms?

The deadline to submit this year’s survey was November 5, 2021. Submissions after this time period will no longer be considered for prizes. However, if your company would like to conduct the commute survey later, either to align with your deadlines for the South Coast AQMD or for another reason, let us know and we are happy to grant you an extension. Please contact Hank Kaplan at hank@btmo.org or (213) 425-0976.

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