Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the best all-around apps for trip planning. With data for most bus and transit operators, it is a great resource for learning how to get from point A to point B.

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Citymapper is an app built for the urban commuter. It includes more transit information than can be found in Google Maps, this includes more transit operators, better bus arrival data, and bikeshare station locations.

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Transit includes a well-designed trip planner and great data on transit operators, bus arrival, and bikeshare. It also includes the “Go” feature, which uses crowdsourced data to tell you where your bus or train is.

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Go Metro

LA Metro’s own transit app contains data for other transit agencies and a solid Trip Planner. It also gives you an opportunity to sign up for alerts on any Metro line and download offline maps.

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Waze Carpool

For anyone who uses Waze, Waze Carpool is very straightforward. It allows users to easily connect with others who have similar commutes for fares cheaper than can be found on Uber or Lyft.

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A Frequent Flyer Program for ground transportation. Earn miles automatically for your commute. The more ecological your commute is, the more miles you earn! Redeem miles for exclusive rewards on your phone.

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A rideshare service that has partnered with Metro to provide reduced fare trips within the City of Burbank starting or ending at the North Hollywood, Burbank Airport South or Downtown Burbank stations. Via trips are only $1.75 with a registered TAP card.

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Burbank Carpoolers Group

BTMO is partnering with Waze Carpool to offer $2 rides from August 12 - October 31 for Burbank Commuters. To participate, join the Burbank Carpoolers Group.

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myStop® Mobile puts real-time bus information and trip planning in your hands. Quickly and easily access interactive location and schedule information for more than 39 public transit agencies across the US.

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