Burbank’s TDM Ordinance

In addition to providing world class transportation options, the City of Burbank has taken a progressive stance with proactive transportation policies to mitigate congestion and sustain high a quality of life.

The City of Burbank’s Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Ordinance was established in 1991 as a response to increased congestion in Burbank’s Media District. The TDM Ordinance was extended to the Downtown Burbank area in 1997.

According to the Burbank Center Plan (Municipal Code Section 10-2534) and the Burbank Media District Specific Plan (10-1-2132) employers in Downtown Burbank or the Burbank Media District with 25 or more employees are required to reduce the number of employee vehicular trips that their businesses generate by:

The BTMO then presents the cumulative results to the City of Burbank annually. This survey will allow the City of Burbank to better understand how employees commute to and from work, and help to guide the City’s future transportation plans and programs.