As a BTMO Member Company, your worksite has access to the following services:


We like to keep you updated. BTMO Members also benefit from:

  • Fully-stocked display of transit, bike and carpool resources for worksite
  • Bi-weekly electronic updates on relevant construction, transit route and fare changes, and local news for you and your employees
  • Personal customer service for your employees’ commute questions


Stay compliant with City and Regional regulations. We can help you by:

  • Fulfilling your “TMO Membership” requirement with the City of Burbank
  • Assisting with your annual survey as required by the City of Burbank and SCAQMD
  • Acting as a liaison between your worksite and SCAQMD
  • Reviewing your annual plan or ECRP prior to submittal to SCAQMD
  • Training and ongoing support to assigned on-site transportation coordinator


Want more help?

For an additional fee, our staff can manage your survey distribution process, develop a customized rideshare plan and provide onsite support outside of the scope of traditional BTMO membership services. Contact us to learn more!

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