Metro Vanpool Subsidy Guidelines

The BTMO also offers a separate vanpool subsidy that can be used in addition to these subsidies! Click HERE to find out more!

Metro Vanpool Subsidy Summary

  • $600 for a new Vanpool with 55% occupancy
  • $200 for the first month of the new Vanpool
  • $100 additional subsidy for Vanpool with 70% occupancy

How to Apply to Start a New Vanpool

  1. Reach out to one of our leasing vendors to secure a lease at: . Vanpool vehicles must be leased from one of Metro’s three approved leasing vendors (AVR Vanpool, Commute with Enterprise, and Green Commuter).
  2. Apply for a Subsidy. Input your contact information, route, and roster. Each rider will need to sign an agreement that will be sent to their e-mail address.
  3. You will receive an automated e-mail once your vanpool is approved.

Subsidy Amount

  1. Qualified vanpools receive a base subsidy of 50% of the lease price, up to $600.
  2. Vanpools with a monthly seat occupancy of 70% or more are eligible for an additional $100 subsidy each month. Metro will determine the occupancy based on reports submitted by the deadline. Vanpools submitting reports after the 10th will not be eligible.
  3. New vanpools* receive one additional $200 bonus for their first month in the Program.

*New vanpools include vanpools not previously enrolled in the Program, and vanpools that have been out of the Program for at least three consecutive months. New vanpools do not include coordinator switches, or leasing vendor switches.

Subsidy Program Requirements

  1. Complete monthly ridership and expense reports through the Metro Vanpool Program’s website or mobile app by the 10th day of the following month.
  2. Achieve a monthly seat occupancy of at least 55%*. Vanpools with less than 55% occupancy for three consecutive months will receive a warning. If they have less than 55% occupancy the following three months (i.e., six months in total), the vanpool will lose the subsidy until they meet the 55% occupancy level.
  3. Keep your vanpool profile on updated with any changes to contact information, roster, and route.
  4. Be a safe and courteous driver on the road.

*Occupancy requirement may be adjusted by Metro staff in accordance with CDC guidelines and public health measures related to COVID. Please refer to the Metro Vanpool Recovery Plan.

Completing the Monthly Report

After your vanpool has been approved for the Metro Vanpool Program, you will be able to log into your vanpool account at

  1. The trips to/from work must be recorded for everyone in your vanpool every day they ride using the online system or on the Metro Vanpool app.
  2. Record all expenses incurred for fuel, cleaning, tolls, and parking regardless of how they are paid or who pays them.
  3. Record the odometer reading taken on the last commute day of the month when arriving at the final destination of the vanpool vehicle.
  4. Submit the completed report by the 10th of each month (ex: May report is due by June 10).
  5. Vanpools that do not submit reports in a timely manner may lose their subsidy.

How Occupancy is Calculated

Occupancy is calculated by the number of passengers riding each day, not the number of passengers on the vanpool roster. Here is how occupancy is calculated:

  1. Count the number of passenger rides to and from work. This number is the Reported Rides (ex: 200 passenger rides total).
  2. Multiply the number of seats in your vehicle by the number of days the vanpool operated in the month. Double that number because the vanpool makes one trip to work and one trip home. This number is the Possible Rides (ex: 7 seats x 20 days=140 x 2=280 Possible Rides).

Divide Reported Rides by Possible Rides. The result is the seat occupancy percentage (ex: 200/280 = 71%, which would receive an additional $100 bonus).