Commuters of Burbank – Yolanda Warren

Burbank commuters come in all kinds. People bike, walk, bus, scoot, carpool, vanpool and drive. This series is intended to share the stories of commuters who demonstrate it’s possible to get to work without driving alone!

This month’s model commuter is Yolanda warren! Yolanda works at Warner Bros. and commutes from her home in North Hollywood. She shared some practical feedback with us about her daily commute aboard Burbank Bus.


How do you get to work on a typical day?

I take the Burbank Bus Green Route (NoHo to Media District)


What is the best part of your commute?

I like to be able to read a good book or check emails.


What/who compelled you to begin commuting this way?

Scott Bogash, who used to work at Warner Bros., informed me about the Burbank Bus. The NoHo Metro Station was conveniently located across the street from my apartment complex.


Do you have any interesting commute stories you’d like to share?

No.  The commute is so short, nothing interesting happens, people are on their phones or reading.


Are there any commuting tips that you’d like to share with people working near you?

The Burbank Bus is $1.00 per trip and lets you off right in front of gate 4.  It also takes the TAP card. 


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